Window Mysteries

GE McKerrihan
3 min readSep 29, 2023

What I see on the streets of Oaxaca City

Window trio on a busy street.
“Window Mysteries” — Image by Author

Walking along the other side of the street. Stopping every ten steps or so. Another mystery composition catches my eye.

Can never choose to pass them by.

Looking later in the comfort of mi casa. Reminded of why I stopped. Glad I listened to that silent voice in my heart.

Looking back, I see my last post here was on the first of July. Though it was last March when I was writing regularly here. Many reasons for the hiatus, the gap, the interruption, the lacuna.

The reasons are both personal, and restorative. The quality and nature of this platform has slipped, in my humble opinion. I could easily be wrong about this assessment. It would not be the first time I was wrong about one thing or another. Being wrong is part of being human.

Will I resume writing here on a regular basis? I do not have a definitive answer. It all depends upon the images I make on a daily basis.

Some images speak to my heart. Asking for their story to be told to a wider audience. Of late there have been few of such images.

I have not strapped my camera over my shoulder in months. I somehow cannot be bothered. Why carry a piece of equipment I have no intention of using, let alone removing the lens cap.



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