When the Writing Spirits Take a Day Off

GE McKerrihan
3 min readMay 9, 2022

This Morning’s Walk With My Camera Turned Things Around Today

Close up of a manhole cover with, “Love You Dreams” written on it.
“Love Your Dreams” — Image by Author

Yesterday was just plain weird. I have been writing a new story everyday. I intended to do the same yesterday. It did not happen. It was like the Writing Spirits decided to take the day off. WTF?

I followed the same morning routine I began since landing in Oaxaca City ten weeks ago. The same routine that included writing here every day.

I went on my early morning walk with my camera. I stopped at Cafe Brujula for my morning latte and muffin. I walked home. I edited my new images. Then downloaded the one’s I knew would inspire the day’s story. Then I stared at my screen.

An empty street view in Oaxaca Centro.
“Empty Street” — Image by Author

Staring at the empty screen was like staring at this empty street. Everything is in order, but nothing is happening. I kept staring. And staring.

I stared at the images I selected, nothing. I selected another set of pictures. Still nothing. WTF? This routine always worked before, without fail.

This went on for over an hour. Then I closed the laptop, opened a beer and stared into space. I was sure the writing spirits had abandoned me.

An isolated exotic blossom against a blurry background.
“Free Floating” — Image by Author

After the second beer my left brain began to chill out. My right brain took the reins. I slowly came to understand. The writing spirits had taken the day off. I just didn’t get the memo.

I went about the rest of my day, slightly disoriented. The new awareness continued to sink in. I was gentle with myself. Taking a day off felt good.

Native trio playing drums and a flute on the Santo Domingo plaza.
“Shifting Consciousness” — Image by Author

This morning’s walk with my beloved camera helped set the tone for a new day. The walk shifted my consciousness step by step. The scenes and subjects I encountered felt new, like seeing with fresh eyes. My gratitude was deep.



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