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GE McKerrihan
4 min readJun 24, 2023

I Seem To Have Fallen Prey, To The Ghost In The Machine

Growth behind window bars and screen.
“Growth Behind Window Bars and Screen” — Image by Author

Before beginning this story I want to acknowledge those who read and responded to my last story, Ghosted On Medium.

I apologize for not responding to your comments on this story. It was not because I didn’t want to, it was because I couldn’t.

Every time I clicked on a comment, my screen went totally blank, not even the Medium logo appeared. Totally blank. The same is true every time I try to open this story. I have no idea of what I actually wrote.

It is either a Ghost in the Machine . . . or I have been seriously ‘ghosted’ by an unknown entity.

And oddly this is beginning to happen when I try to open a new story by one of you I follow, and want to read. WTF? Is this some sort of subliminal message trying to tell me I went too long without feeding the machine?

Please let me know if you have a clue . . . or have experienced this odd phenomenon. Thanks in advance.

Yes, I have taken a break from writing here. There are several reasons, though the most important is . . . I needed a break. Needed time to recharge my batteries, to refill the well, to find new ground to rest my feet on.

Reading two to three books a week has made a dent. This has included a range of authors, though I will admit, Jim Harrison, inspires with every word he strings together. Harrison is my kind of man, in more ways than one.

To share a bit of where my head has been, I will include part of my journal from this morning. I never fail to show up in my journal, along with my first cup of coffee for the new day.

8:30am. Another odd sleep that ended well, Thank You. Up and reading until 1:30am or so, though slept well once I finally went under. With each passing day it seems unlikely I will return to this home on Quintana Roo. This location continues to be a double edged sword.

A Friday full of reading. Thank God for Jim Harrison, and his Dalva. Odd times indeed, an odd headspace as well. One of those, Stop the world, I want to get off, stretches of time.

Need to come up with a way to drum up some inner enthusiasm. Return to the simple joys of a year ago. And wonder if it is



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