There But For The Grace Of God

How Is It That Some Are Fortunate, It’s About Receptivity

GE McKerrihan


Shawled begger  on the sidewalk.
“Beggar On The Sidewalk” — Image by author

So often it is difficult to make sense of this world of ours. Why is it some prosper, and others cling by a slender thread? Is it the luck of the draw? Or is something larger, and more mysterious at play?

I can’t begin to say I have the answers, I don’t. Though these questions show up in my consciousness often. Daily is more like it.

I don’t ignore these questions. More often I hold them up to the light, asking for a better understanding. Asking, why does our world move in such odd and mysterious ways?

Old woman sweeping in font of cathedral.
“Old Woman Sweeping” — Image by Author

Luck of the draw seems much too simplistic to me. Actually I am convinced that luck has no bearing on these lives we experience. Luck, is way too Las Vegas, to me.

I can’t imagine the creator set it up in such a roulette fashion. If the creator did so, that creator was not much of a creator. More like a charlatan in my view.

And if by some bizarre chance this is true, we might as well all fold now, because none of us have a chance in hell of making it out of here alive. Not that any of us are going to make it out alive, but you know what I’m getting at.

Man sweeping in front of cathedral.
Man Sweeping At Basilica Soledad” — Image by Author

This image shows a significant contrast to the one above. Both the woman above, and the man here, are sweeping in front of cathedrals. And Catholic cathedrals at that.

Is this contrast about devotion? Is this contrast about patriarchy? Is this contrast about Catholicism? Is this contrast about sexism? Or is this contrast just luck of the draw?

To be honest, I don’t have a clue. I am not Catholic, and never have been. If you have some insight here, I would love to hear it. Please.

Blind woman and dog begging on the sidewalk.
“Blind Woman and Dog On The Sidewalk” — Image by Author



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