There But For The Grace Of God

How Is It That Some Are Fortunate, It’s About Receptivity

GE McKerrihan
5 min readApr 7, 2023
Shawled begger  on the sidewalk.
“Beggar On The Sidewalk” — Image by author

So often it is difficult to make sense of this world of ours. Why is it some prosper, and others cling by a slender thread? Is it the luck of the draw? Or is something larger, and more mysterious at play?

I can’t begin to say I have the answers, I don’t. Though these questions show up in my consciousness often. Daily is more like it.

I don’t ignore these questions. More often I hold them up to the light, asking for a better understanding. Asking, why does our world move in such odd and mysterious ways?

Old woman sweeping in font of cathedral.
“Old Woman Sweeping” — Image by Author

Luck of the draw seems much too simplistic to me. Actually I am convinced that luck has no bearing on these lives we experience. Luck, is way too Las Vegas, to me.

I can’t imagine the creator set it up in such a roulette fashion. If the creator did so, that creator was not much of a creator. More like a charlatan in my view.

And if by some bizarre chance this is true, we might as well all fold now, because none of us have a chance in hell of making it out of here alive. Not that any of us are going to make…



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