The People Of Oaxaca

Street Photography Is Always A Challenge For An Introvert

GE McKerrihan


An older man sitting at an outdoor cafe, with his espresso, reading a book.
“A Man After My Own Heart” — Image by Author

Before moving to Oaxaca I bought a new camera system. One of my reasons for moving was to take my photography to a new level.

The new camera is a mirrorless Fujifilm X-Pro 2. It is smaller than a DSLR style camera. I also bought two manual lenses for it. There is no autofocus. This camera reminds me a lot of the film cameras I used for 35 years.

I also wanted to explore ‘street photography’ — a style of working that was new to me. I wanted the challenge. I wanted to stretch my boundaries. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone.

My first year in Oaxaca I experienced all of these. I also found out how much I loved this style of photography.

The gentleman in the portrait above is a man after my own heart. I cannot imagine anything more relaxing than to sit in an outdoor cafe, sipping an espresso, and reading a good book. Life in Oaxaca encourages this way of life.

A professional looking photographer shooting pictures in the Zocalo.
“Looks Like A Pro” — Image by Author

This guy looked like a young pro. He certainly is loaded down with gear. I had the feeling he takes his work seriously. His earbuds makes sure his distractions are kept to a minimum.

I admired his stance and presence. What I did not feel was envy. I was truly happy with my smaller camera and single lens. I felt free and unrestricted. I was doing exactly what I came to Oaxaca to do.

I am sure in my first three or four months here, I easily made several thousand photos. Were they all great? No way Jose. Great photos were not my goal. It was all about the daily experience, the daily practice. It was about doing what I love.

A metalworker grinding steel on the sidewalk.
“Looking Back At Me” — Image by Author

Experiences like this one still occur on occasion. At first I was nervous and anxious when my subject suddenly stared back at me. This eye looking back at me looks serious. Was he angry, or just surprised?



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