~ “Side Walk Birds” ~ GE McKerrihan ~

Still Life Images . . . Found on the Street

Mornings in Mexico, and This Walking Life

I am in my forth month living across the street from the beach, here at Playas de Tijuana. It has been a time of quietly reflecting on life, on where I’ve been, on where I’m going. The work-a-day life is behind me. My time is my own. I am fully ensconced in the second half of life.

The Jungian analyst, James Hollis, has mentioned in several of his books, that in this journey of life, psyche presents us with two large questions. One is for the first half of life, the other for the second half of life. The first is, “What is the world asking of me?” The second question is quite different: “What, now, does the soul ask of me?” It is this second question, that has captured much of my attention for the past several years.

~ “Succulents in the Sun” ~ GE McKerrihan ~

Walking plays an important role in my reflecting. My soul seems to like walking. It is while walking that we have some of our best conversations. And these conversations are always enhanced by making images along the way. The play of shadow and light is a frequent topic.

~ “Curly Edges” ~ GE McKerrihan ~

The Still Life has been a significant part my photography from the beginning, some forty years ago. For many years I would choose from my collection of treasures, arranging selected pieces, creating interesting compositions in the studio. These were what I now refer to as, ‘constructed’ still life.

These days I find myself drawn to the ‘found’ still life. The compositions I find while walking. They seem to call out, asking me to pull the iPhone out of my pocket. Truth be told, I know my soul choreographs these joyful encounters. And I am grateful.

~ “Light and Lines” ~ GE McKerrihan ~

So I will continue taking my soul, and my camera, out for daily morning walks. We alternate between the wide sand beaches here, south of the border, and the quiet neighborhood streets. Both hold topics, and images, for our ongoing conversations. I feel enlarged by each and every one. I know with certainty, it is the journey and not the destination. And that is just fine with me.

~ “Paradise” ~ GE McKerrihan ~

You can see more of my images, including 40 years of self portraiture, on my website, L. Zongpo Studios. To wide open lenses, and wide open hearts.

As always, I welcome your claps, and comments. Thanks so much.

Wandering in the Mystery, of Life’s Second Half. A grateful traveler.

Wandering in the Mystery, of Life’s Second Half. A grateful traveler.