Small Pieces Of Life In Oaxaca

Haiku Is The Essence Of Minimalism

GE McKerrihan


Scrolled iron bar over corrugated metal and delaminating wood and paper.
‘Sidewalk Still Life” — Image by Author

Iron scroll, steel and wood
Street collage of many parts
Scroll significance

New grass growing in a pipe in concrete on a walkway.
“New Growth, Against All Odds” — Image by Author

Concrete and steel bolts
Grass has a mind of its own
Life cannot be stopped

Bench and its shadow amidst fallen leaves.
“Early Morning Shadows” — Image by Author

Black bench and shadow
Early morning abstraction
What might it all mean

Stickers and graffiti on steel doors, behind steel screening.
“Behind Locked Doors” — Image by Author

Steel grid over steel
Stickers and rust sit behind
Street composition

No parking paint on the street with large rock.
“Reinforced No Parking Zone” — Image by Author

Stone street, white paint, rock
The rock is for emphasis
Drivers pay no heed

Locked gray doors with peeling stickers and pink graffiti.
“Gray Doors, Pink Graffiti” — Image by Author

Mottled gray doorway
Peeling stickers as accent
Pink graffiti wins

Three paper flowers hanging above red steel door.
“Paper Flowers Over Red Steel” — Image by Author

White paper flowers
Hanging over rusted steel
Red joy on the street



GE McKerrihan

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