Quiet Solitude In Monochrome

Abstract Views Offer Meaning And Understanding

GE McKerrihan


Textured wall, corrugated roof, shadowed street.
“Lines, Light, and Shadows” — Image by Author

Photographs are said to tell stories. Stripped to shadow and light, an alternate version of these stories is created. Monochrome adds another dimension through subtraction.

Images can be altered through both addition, and subtraction. Removing information will illicit an alternate response. This response moves from the intellectual to the emotional.

Bars over darkened window and reflected shadows.
“Darkened Windows & Reflected Shadows” — Image by Author

As a photographer, I make images of a wide variety of subject matter. It is the work that creates an emotional response, that stays with me.

A pretty picture is just that, a pretty picture. Our world is full of them.

Pictures stripped to their essence, conjure emotions, feelings, and questions. They serve as metaphor. They ask me to think deeper in my pursuit of understanding the world, and my world.

Stone wall with broken corner.
“Broken Corner” — Image by Author

This simple view of broken stone asks me to dig deeper. Do I have broken corners in my life? Is there a reason I have not repaired them? Have I come to prefer them broken? Or have I just gotten used to them?

Making images stripped to their essence have enriched this life. The questions they ask never go away. Though over time, and with repeated views, my responses change, grow, and sometimes mature.

Looking back later at these images will offer me a glimpse of where I was, when I made them, both physically and emotionally. These images represent markers on the road of this life.

Barred window with broken glass in stone wall.
“Barred Window & Broken Glass” — Image by Author

Looking at this barred window with its broken glass, brings memories of a distant past. This view becomes a metaphor of an earlier life, and perhaps earlier lifetimes.

I made this image early this morning. Meditating on it in this moment brings deep…



GE McKerrihan

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