One Very Odd Spring, It Was 2023

GE McKerrihan
4 min readJul 2, 2023

It Caught Me Without Warning, And Why Am I Not Surprised ?

Nature’s detritus, wrapped in man’s blue plastic.
“The Hand of Nature, Wrapped in the Hand of Man” — Image by Author

Most of this story is taken from my journal dated, 4 May 21. The images are more recent, though they seem to reflect the odd mood that arrived with Spring.

Why did I choose the Spring of my 71st year to hibernate? To be truthful, I have no known clue. Yet looking back it was inevitable. And in a sense it happened before I knew it was happening. It just happened. Life is like that at times.

And I am left with trying to make sense of the result. Perhaps it is the result of living closer to the Equator. In sub-tropical southern Mexico, the seasons don’t change much. One easily runs into the next, and round and round the the circle goes. Does it ever end? I am not qualified to provide the answer.

Black park bench, and its shadow.
“Black Bench, And Its Shadow” — Image by Author

Though now that I am aware of this peculiarity, I search my mind and my heart for reasons, for justification, for explanation. Trying to make sense of it all. I continue to come up empty handed. My constant question is, WTF?

The first twelve months after my arrival in Oaxaca, I kept myself busy with walking several miles, and making tens of twenties of new photographs…



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