Noticing Climate Shifts In Oaxaca

Was 2023 Just A Dry Year, Or Is the Climate Changing ?

GE McKerrihan


Flowers in Llano Park.
“Llano Park Blossoms #1” — Image by Author

Climate change is a hot topic around the world these days. Though I don’t hear much about it in Mexico.

I do look at an English language Mexican newspaper nearly everyday. And I have seen virtually no stories about climate change here.

Although there have been stories about hurricanes making landfall on both the east and west coasts of Mexico. A recent one did a lot of damage in Acapulco, on the west coast.

Blossoms in Llano Park.
“Llano Park Blossoms #2” — Image by Author

All of the flower blossom photos in this piece were made in the summer of 2022, in June. My first summer living in Oaxaca. There was also a lot of rain that summer.

Late spring through fall is the rainy season here. The winter months are the dry season. There has been no rain in the forecast for months now.

The entire city has a layer of dust, that will never disappear until the rainy season arrives in the next couple of months. The whole city needs a serious shower.

Pink Blossoms in Llano Park, Oaxaca.
“Llano Park Blossoms #3” — Image by Author

That first summer here I was frequently amazed by the amount of rain, falling nearly every afternoon, and into the early evening hours.

Everywhere I walked throughout Oaxaca City that first summer, the variety of blossoms were delightful. A true tropical paradise.

The entire city had a new freshness about it on a daily basis. A true joy.

Blossoms in Llano Park.
“Llano Park Blossoms #4” — Image by Author

Last summer in 2023 was very different. It was significantly drier. The amount of rain was less than half of the year before.

On my frequent walks through two of my favorite parks, the amount of blossoms I encountered was close to 20% of the previous summer.

I found it both surprising, and nearly shocking. I continue to be curious what the coming summer has in store regarding rainfall, and blossoms.

Blossoms in Llano Park.
“Llano Park Blossoms #5” — Image by Author

Perhaps 2023 was just a dry year. Or was climate change shaking its finger at Oaxaca City?

The severe climate shifts the States are experiencing have not been felt in much of Mexico. I wonder also if southern Mexico’s proximity to the Equator plays a role?

I am hoping the coming months will yield some answers. Though something tells me not to get my hopes up.

Thanks for reading, and looking. I welcome your comments, always.



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