My Last Published Story Was March 6th

GE McKerrihan
2 min readOct 11, 2021

What has happened since then is a mystery.

“Writing the Mysteries” — Author’s Self Portrait

It’s true, my last story here was published on the 6th of March 2021.

I have certainly been no stranger since then. I typically spend about two hours a day reading here, on a variety of topics from a larger variety of writers I both follow, and discover. This platform is a goldmine for readers. And I for one, am grateful for this abundance.

The mystery is, if I haven’t been writing and publishing new stories, how do I continue to pick on average of a half dozen new followers a week? And I mean week after week, after week.

And guess what? I don’t need to know. It’s not really my business.

My business is to read other’s stories, and maybe write some of my own.

And you might be wondering why I’ve not been writing? The answer is one simple word, Covid.

Though I am quickly approaching 70, I’ve been vaccinated and live in a relative small blue state. My concern is the black and white division this pandemic has exacerbated in our country. This same red/blue division touches every single issue we currently face. Talk about gridlock.

So why didn’t I write about the pandemic? I was just too overwhelmed by the ongoing, daily destruction at every level of American society. This is not the America I grew up in. Not the same America I have been proud to call home.

Besides, I’ve spent far too much time contemplating the mystery of all my new anonymous followers. Seems the best response is to just start writing again and forget all the rest. And I think I’m going to really enjoy both the writing, and the forgetting.

GE McKerrihan

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