Love In The Garden, At First Light

GE McKerrihan
3 min readJun 11, 2022

A Deeper Peace, A Deeper Love . . . Arrives In My Heart

Self portrait in the garden.
“At First Light . . . In The Garden” — Image by Author

I woke this morning with a deeper peace surrounding me, a deeper love in the air I was breathing, a deeper peace in my heart. Something new had arrived.

I live in the lower, of two stacked apartments. The unit upstairs has been occupied off and on by a variety of tenants. Some for a few days, others staying a month. They all bring different energies with them. I feel them.

The last visitor departed two days ago. My dear sweet landlady told me yesterday the next would arrive near the end of the month. I felt a change in the air. I would be truly alone for the next twenty days.

Heart shaped puddle in the courtyard.
“Heart In The Puddle” — Image by Author

I stepped out into the courtyard at first light this morning. The vibration had shifted. The air was fresh. The energy was clean. It was a new dawn in more ways than one.

I went to get the iPhone to record this heart shaped puddle left by the rain overnight. I have watched this puddle come and go over time. It has always had a heart shape, at times more so than others.

This morning it was even more heart like, the energy around it had blossomed in the night. I knew it was a sign, one of the good ones.

View of my home in Oaxaca City.
“Home Sweet Home” — Image by Author

With iPhone in hand I made a record of this home and courtyard that has brought bountiful growth. Memories that will last for the rest of this lifetime. Memories of a heart and life transformed.

Before my beloved camera, Joni arrived in February, I had photographed exclusively with the iPhone. This image making device was my constant companion from 2016 until early this year. It lived in my pocket.

It recorded my travels through Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, including the amazing island of Tasmania, and my beloved Mexico. This camera made a record of my first visit to Oaxaca.

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