If You Write Your Own Words . . .

Then Why Not Use You Own Images?

GE McKerrihan


Two power meters, one on, one off.
“Power On, or Power Off” — Image by Author

This piece was inspired by Gareth Willey’s recent piece, The Real Reason You Should Use Your Own Images in Your Writing. A link is at the bottom of this story.

If you don’t know Gareth’s work, it is truly time to get acquainted. Gareth is a young chap living on the British Isles with an extraordinary knowledge of all things photographic. Extraordinary, because he is far beyond his years. Extraordinary because he has such a firm grip on the art of photography, as well as the art of living the good life.

Yes, as you might have guessed, I am a fan of Gareth’s work. And have been for quite some time.

Vines growing on power lines.
“Vines Growing on Power Lines” — Image by Author

For those who have been following my stories here over the past year and a half, you know my first love is photography. I have been using a camera with intent for over 50 years.

I am first and foremost a visual guy. Images are my first language. The written word always comes in a distant second. Though I am trying to catch up. To create two equal voices that support one another.

I feel the image above illustrates Gareth’s premise succinctly. The power lines represent the words of one’s story. The vines growing on the lines represent the image illustrating our story. They work together, to create a complete story.

Each one, in and of itself, tells only a piece of the story. Together, they tell the whole story. A story uniquely your own.

Photo outside photo store.
“Outside Photo Store” — Image by Author

I found this image walking the streets of Oaxaca City. It was on a wall outside a camera store.

It clearly speaks to what anyone can do with a camera. Even if that camera is the one we all have in our phones.

The message is clear. “Use the camera we have.” It does not matter if it is a dedicated camera, or the one that is in our pocket always. Just use it.



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