How I Set Up and Use My Fujifilm X-Pro2

It’s probably not how you might think.

GE McKerrihan
5 min readMar 31, 2022
Close up of the agave plant, in black & white.
“Agave at Santo Domingo” — Oaxaca City — Image by Author

Before I jump into how I set up my X-Pro, I want to share a brief bit of my photo background for context.

I began using the camera with intent in 1974, inspired by reading Edward Weston’s Day Books. It was then I bought my first serious camera, a Mamiya twin lens reflex.

I later enrolled in the photography program at the University of Oregon, in Eugene. There I began using the large format view camera. Now I was completely hooked.

For the next 25 years all of my work was made with a variety of view cameras and lenses. I loved being under the dark cloth, viewing the upside down & backwards image on the ground glass.

For casual work and portraits in the field, I used a Pentax 6x7 single lens reflex. It was a beast that made wonderful negatives.

Extreme close up of an Agave plant.
“Agave Detail” — Straight out of camera, no editing. — Image by Author

This image was made with the X-Pro2 and a TT Artisan 35mm f1.4 manual lens. All camera controls were set to full manual operation. And this is exactly why I’m gaga over the X-Pro2!



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