Haiku From Centro Fotografico

Intersecting Cultures Through My Lens

GE McKerrihan
2 min readMar 25, 2023
Agave leaves across a stone pilar.
“Flow Over Stone” — Image by Author

Flowing lines cross stone
Soft and hard intersecting
The way of this world

Ink stains and scratches on a wood table top.

Straight lines and scratches
Ink stains and marks left by tools
All to leave one’s name

Broad, variegated leaves close up.
“Green Leaves of Gold” — Image by Author

Heart shaped veins of green
Nature’s patterns evoke grace
Now becoming gold

Drouping leaves across ancient stone.
“Falling Leaves Over Stone” — Image by author

Flowing towards center
Dips and turns along the way
Much like human lives

Close up of Agave’s upward sweep.
“Agave’s Upward Sweep” — Image by Author

Focus on center
Center is where life begins
Dreams gather around

Close up of intwined fingers.
“John’s Hands” — Image by Author

An old man’s fingers
Holding immense history
They are old friends now

Making photographs and writing haiku, is a way of making sense of my world. An American in Mexico, finding his way by dreaming in images and seventeen syllables. Seventeen syllables, when all other words escape.

These images were made during a recent visit to the photography museum and galleries . . . Centro Fotografica — Manuel-Alvarez Bravo, in Oaxaca City.

Thanks for reading, and looking. Your comments are gold to me.

To wide open lenses . . . and wide open hearts. — G.E.



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