Ghosted On Medium

Publications Are Not Created Equally

GE McKerrihan


Reflected ‘Ghost’ in a pool of water.
“Ghosted” — Image by Author

Being ghosted on Medium is alive and well. So is the hypocrisy of Publication Editors.

I would never have never have written this story were it not for the recent story published by Rodrigo S-C, titled . . . Have You Been Ghosted?

For a long time I considered Rodrigo a friend. During the last four months of last year we collaborated on creating the Publication . . . Full Frame.

This included countless emails and conversations in order to birth this new publication.

It also included several weeks after we launched the publication, when Rodrigo was incapacitated during a surgery. A time when all publication duties fell to me and co-editor, Duvy McGirr.

Then on April 25, 2023 I received the following email message from Rodrigo . . . Hi GE. Please note that we have removed you from the editorial team at Full Frame.
Thanks for your contribution to the development of the publication. R

This may not fit the definition of being “ghosted” . . . though it certainly felt like it to me. There was no explanation offered, there were no reasons offered. Just this simple short email.

And yes, I felt Ghosted.

So today, to read Rodrigo’s story, “Have You Been Ghosted?” somehow struck a hypocritical chord. Perhaps I am being too sensitive, and then again, perhaps I am seeing the truth of hypocrisy. Readers can judge for themselves.



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