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The Magic Of Monochrome On The Streets Of Oaxaca

GE McKerrihan


Bench on the sidewalk outside a cafe.
“Empty Bench, Take A Seat” — Image by Author

One of my favorite neighborhoods in Oaxaca is just beyond the western edge of the Centro district. I have lived in this neighborhood for a couple of long stretches, and enjoyed every minute of it.

Walking often in this part of Oaxaca I always find lots of cooperative subjects to point my camera at. The great thing is none of them seem to mind, or be shy for that matter.

This empty bench always seemed to be waiting for me outside this small cafe. Truth be told, I never saw anyone sitting here. At one point I decided it must be decorative only. Who would have thought?

Wispy grass in front of corrugated steel.
“Wispy Grass And Corrugated Steel” — Image by Author

Though this is mostly a residential neighborhood, there are plenty of small patches of natural wonder. I loved the juxtaposition of this spindly grass trying to camouflage the piece of corrugated metal.

Together they create their own version of an abstract composition. Seems a natural example of teamwork. I wonder if they have any clue they were doing so.

I tried to ask them, but they were clearly shy, and uncommunicative. So I smiled, thanked them, and went on my way, appreciating their kind efforts.

Overlapping layers of corrugated metal.
“Layer Upon Layer” — Image by Author

This a wonderful collection of different species of corrugated steel, each with its own variation of surface decoration. Together they form a most interesting collage.

Some look purposefully painted. Then others reveal worn and faded decoration. The one in the upper right just looks plain rusted.

Combined in this arrangement reminds me of going to a dance. Every participant is dressed in their own version of their Sunday best. Still the ever changing composition on the dance floor never ceases to delight.



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