Colors In Oaxaca Have Stories To Tell

If Only Our Eyes Will Listen Quietly

GE McKerrihan
4 min readMay 17, 2022


A woman walks past a faded rose colored wall between two barred windows.
“Faded Rose Wall” — Image by Author

A fading rose colored wall creates a warm background for a passerby who seems to prefer blues and grays. The soft cloudy light of morning treats all equally in a gentle glow.

When a building owner has an exterior wall painted he is wise to buy plenty of extra paint. As there will be regular touchups needed to cover the frequent graffiti.

The ancient tree blends perfectly with black screened, and barred windows. I’m guessing these darkened windows are never opened.

The ledges above the windows are studded with broken glass to make them uninhabitable for the many pigeons. So many exterior elements in Oaxaca are about repelling one nuisance or another.

A trained climbing vine with artificial flowers climbs up the side and over the top of a barred and boarded window.
“Artistic Climbing” — Image by Author

Many buildings in Oaxaca offer some form of humor to the passerby on the sidewalk. Here the climbing vine is stuffed full of artificial flowers and twigs.

I especially love the asymmetrical design. The wooden power pole does a fine job of visually holding space on its side of things.

The double locked gates give the impression they are rarely opened as there are no wear marks to be found. I’m guessing the same is true for the wooden doors.

Street vandalism has taken its toll on what were once lovely windows and doorways. Apertures that once let the light shine in and the air to circulate.

Woman in a red dress and green masks walks past a cafe entrance.
“Dressing For The Street” — Image by Author

Standing across the street I had this view framed and focused, waiting for her to walk past the open doorway. How did she know to wear her best red dress this morning? The kelly green face mask was the perfect touch.

It wasn’t until I downloaded this image to my iPad, that I realized how every element and color played its role like seasoned pros.

The red wall and red graffiti frame the scene. The warm interior skylight sets the cafe interior aglow. The cobble stone street and sidewalk…



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