Calla Lilies And Haiku

An Odd Coupling, Perhaps Not

GE McKerrihan


Flowers for sale on the street.
“I Bought The Calla Lilies” — Image by Author

Flowers on the street
The Callas came home with me
And lasted for weeks

Bouquet of calla lilies.

Glowing white blossoms
Arranged with the utmost love
Sparkling in the sun

Calla lilies as the begin to age.
“The Beauty Of Growing Old” — Image by Author

The beauty of age
Never begins to grow old
Simple truth always

Drying calla lily still life.
“Delicate Aging Calla Lilies” — Image by Author

Looking here close up
Yes alike, yet different
Who would have thought it

Drying calla lilies close up.
“An Intimate Close Up” — Image by Author

Now even closer
An intimate portrait of
Aging in darkness

Calla Lily still life against a steel door.
“Steel Door Becomes Still Life” — Image by Author

I say, ‘Line em up’
For a group portrait on steel
Yes, a lovely dance

Looking down on drying lilies.
“An Intimate Close Up” — Image by Author

A bundle of light
Glowing in the sunshine now
Age has no part here

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GE McKerrihan

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