Aging As A Process For Growth

The Wisdom Of David Bowie

GE McKerrihan
4 min readMar 16, 2023
Self portrait over laid with obscurity.
“I Arrived With This” — Self Portrait of Author

Aging is an extraordinary process, by which one becomes the person one should always have been. — David Bowie

I ran across this quote this morning, during my morning look at Instagram. This is not the place I go looking for wisdom. Yet this one grabbed my attention in a big way.

This was even before my morning coffee had time to work its magic.

The depth of these words touched a nerve, touched my heart, touched my soul. I recognized truth here.

I felt I had been offered a gift, from David Bowie no less. How did he know?

Old bed springs against corrugated sheet metal.
“Naked Bed Springs” — Image by Author

My consciousness suddenly came alive, like I had been bounced from a springboard, or at least rusty old bed springs, long forgotten.

I was reminded of this experience, I have been experiencing, since moving to Oaxaca. It’s been just over a year. Time has worked its magic. I am no longer the same person I was when I arrived.



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