Aging As A Process For Growth

The Wisdom Of David Bowie

GE McKerrihan
4 min readMar 16


Self portrait over laid with obscurity.
“I Arrived With This” — Self Portrait of Author

Aging is an extraordinary process, by which one becomes the person one should always have been. — David Bowie

I ran across this quote this morning, during my morning look at Instagram. This is not the place I go looking for wisdom. Yet this one grabbed my attention in a big way.

This was even before my morning coffee had time to work its magic.

The depth of these words touched a nerve, touched my heart, touched my soul. I recognized truth here.

I felt I had been offered a gift, from David Bowie no less. How did he know?

Old bed springs against corrugated sheet metal.
“Naked Bed Springs” — Image by Author

My consciousness suddenly came alive, like I had been bounced from a springboard, or at least rusty old bed springs, long forgotten.

I was reminded of this experience, I have been experiencing, since moving to Oaxaca. It’s been just over a year. Time has worked its magic. I am no longer the same person I was when I arrived.

Author’s self portrait, looking askance.
“At 70, Shortly After Arriving In Oaxaca” — Author’s Self Portrait

Yes, my body continues to age. I see it every time I look in the mirror. I see this every time I point the lens at myself.

I used to point the lens at myself often. Self portraiture was always an important part of my photo practice. It no longer is. Those morning looks in the mirror are more than enough.

Weed spreading its wings.
“Sideways Growth” — Image by Author

I am also aware that my body lives along a different timeline, than my heart and my mind. These latter aspects of my being feel rejuvenated, like they have left behind the last forty years.

My heart and mind are alive and thriving, at home in a country where no one knows my name. Where no one is aware of the baggage I once carried. It’s almost like I left it all at the…



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