Agave Dreaming

The Agave Has Held A Special Place In My Heart For Years

GE McKerrihan


Blue Agave, close up view.
“Blue Agave Detail” — Image by Author

The first time I experienced the Agave consciously was as a teenager growing up in the Arizona desert.

I was immediately drawn to the dusty gray-green colors. To the long tapered arms. To the energy I felt in its presence. Somehow knowing this was a sacred plant.

Today, more than fifty years later, my attraction to the Agave has only grown deeper. I am grateful to see them everywhere in Oaxaca. I always give them a knowing nod when I walk by.

I am also aware how they always nod back. I can feel it in my heart.

Agave close up, tendrils detail.
“Blue Agave Tendrils” — Image by Author

A quick Google search yielded the following information . . . Source.

Agave is Native to the Americas. It originally came from just south of the United States, in Mexico. It is also found in Central America, and in many countries in South America and the Caribbean Islands.

There are more than 200 species of agave all around the world, and 70 percent of endemic species are in Mexico.

When the Agave flowers, they send a long stalk straight up, with yellow flowers that bloom on the end of it. This stalk can be 20 feet tall.

Variegated Agave Leaves.
“Variegated Agave Leaves” — Image by Author

That 70% of the world’s Agave species are found in Mexico explains why I see so many varieties here in Oaxaca.

The one above, with variegated leaves and yellow tips, is a bit unusual. I have only seen a few of these in Oaxaca.

I do love its soft mottled colors and the easy flowing form of these leaves. Truly the epitome of the word, flow.

Red and black tipped Agave.
“Red And Black Tipped Agave” — Image by Author

This is another rather unusual variety in Oaxaca. The leaves have a darker, bluish tone. Yet it is red and black tips that really stand out. And yes, they are very sharp.



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