Abstract Images Inspire Haiku

Abstracted Views And 17 Syllables Are Old Friends


Patterns and shadows below.
“Nature’s Shadows” — Image by Author

Nature and shadow
Dance cross the floor together
Neither need to lead

Odd shapes in a rock wall.
“Manmade Rock Wall” — Image by Author

Human hands stack rock
Stepping back yields perspective
Eyes shine in delight

Forgotten bag hanging on a stone wall.
“Deserted Bag” — Image by Author

Baggage left behind
Soft upon hard together
Starting a new life

Lone bird on bottom step.
“Lone Bird and Three Steps” — Image by Author

Three steps and rubble
A lone bird rests in silence
Of one world always

Two shaped stones.
“Stone Shapes” — Image by Author

Geometric shapes
Sit silently together
Old friends united

Palm stumps and stones.
“Nature’s Forms” — Image by Author

Nature’s forms relax
Unaware of human hands
Nor light and shadow

Palm fronds and hairs.
“Palm Details” — Image by Author

Layers of nature
Exist in harmonic joy
Together once more

To wide open lenses . . . and wide open hearts. — G.E.



GE McKerrihan

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