Abstract Images, Abstract Words

Haiku Tells An Abstract Story, In A Minimum Of Words

GE McKerrihan


Sidewalk puddle reflecting power poles and wires.
“Powerful Sidewalk Reflections” — Image by Author

Walking towards home
Sidewalk puddle reflection
Asks for a portrait

Two highly warn refuse bins.
“A Nearly Matched Pair” — Image by Author

Resting garbage bins
How long must they wait today
No schedule in sight

Black and white tarps hanging on a stone wall.
“Monochrome Tarps On The Wall” — Image by Author

Wall with black, white, black
Drooping drapes catch my eye now
What might this all mean

Dirty tarps in light and shadow.
“Abstracted Tarps In Light And Shade” — Image by Author

Drop cloth light and shade
Becomes an abstract shadow
Haunting me today

Dirty canvas bags on the back of a garbage truck.
“Garbage Bags Filling Up” — Image by Author

Twin garbage bags hang
Is there a hidden meaning
My eyes want the truth



GE McKerrihan

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