I began using the camera, with intent myself. Two years later I was accepted into the Photography program at the University of Oregon in Eugene. I completed my degree in photography and visual design. I also took several writing courses while there.

I have now been using the camera for 48 years. After 35 years of using film, large format cameras, and the ensuing darkroom work, I made the shift to the digital world. Even with the digital camera, I have found ways to use these new tools, that come very close to mimicking the film experience. I'm a happy guy.

I began writing here on Medium in 2018, be it in fits and starts. Today finds me living in Oaxaca City, Mexico where I photograph and write daily. Weston's example continues to guide my process with both mediums. I am happier than I've ever been in this lifetime.

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I’ve been using the camera for nearly 50 years. I write about Photography, Art, Travel, and Life. Top Writer in Photography, Art, Creativity, and Inspiration.