A Return To Center

GE McKerrihan
3 min readJun 20, 2022

A Walk To Llano Park Was Medicine For My Heart

Close up of two dried leaves.
“True Friends” — Image by Author

These past few days I have found myself rather flat and I’ve not known exactly why. It happens to all of us. I accept it as the normal flow of life, of these days on planet Earth. I knew it would pass.

Perhaps the coming Solstice was at play. Perhaps it’s a reflection of our crazy world spinning a bit off center. I only know I’ve had to push myself, more than normal.

Close up of interwoven palm fronds.
“Interwoven” — Image by Author

I woke up this morning remembering who I am. Knowing what is in my heart. Knowing how I wanted my day to proceed, how I wanted my day to flow.

More than anything, I wanted to get out and make new photos. I knew where I wanted to go. I knew what I wanted to photograph. And I knew how I wanted to make these images.

Close up of dry grass.
“Grass Fireworks” — Image by Author

As I headed to Llano Park I made a few warm up pictures along the way. They were okay, but they did not match my intention. Warming up is what it is. It’s preparation, it’s getting ready for the main event.

When I stepped into the park, I knew I was home. Exactly where I wanted to be. Though the soft light of early morning had brightened up a bit more than I would have preferred.

I began looking for possibilities in the shade. The huge trees overhead were glad to oblige. The waiting subjects waved to me saying, “I’m ready for you.”

Close up of small blossoms on large leaves.
“Holding the Center” — Image by Author

In less than an hour I knew I had found what I came for, what I intended. Once again I felt like an artist. I was channeling my photography heroes.

Spirit had been sitting on my shoulder, whispering in my ear, Over there . . . look at that . . . stand here . . . no, get down on your knees . . . move three steps to the right and one back. It’s my favorite dance in the world.

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