From Dylan To Bukowski

GE McKerrihan
3 min readOct 7, 2022

A New Journey, A New Path . . . Every New Morning

New construction on hold, and overgrown with plant life.
“Squarely Framed” — Image by Author

So happy just to be alive
Underneath the sky of blue
On this new morning — Bob Dylan

This Dylan lyric from 1970 has found new meaning for me. I have altered the way I begin each, new morning, underneath this sky of blue.

These days I begin my new morning, by looking at Google Maps. I look at the lines marking roads in my neighborhood and surrounds.

Looking at this map I decide where my feet want to take me. It only needs to be a trail I have not walked before. This approach is paying off in new vistas, new subjects for both my lens, and heart.

The scene above was framed for me, before I ever lifted the camera to my eye.

View from above, looking southward.
“The Small White Dot In The Center, #1” — Image by Author

I almost never aim my lens towards the distance. I prefer sticking my lens up close to a subject at a human level. The trail I chose from the map this morning offered no indication of the elevation I would ascend.

Had I known, I might have chosen a different route. Both my legs, and my heart, got a good workout. The uphill was an effort, the downhill provided the chance to catch my breath.

I took advantage of the distant views offered by the uphill climbs. I had never looked at Oaxaca City from these perspectives. The foregrounds looked familiar, the distant views offered new vistas.

Sheer clay wall behind a corn stalk and gourd plants.
“Clay Wall and Corn Stalk” — Image by Author

This view is more in keeping with how I think of both Oaxaca, and Mexico. Clay walls, tall corn like plants, and gourd vines trailing across the ground.

A sheer wall marking the constant change of elevation I encountered on my walk this morning. A clay face that clearly showed the lines of the rainy season that is coming to an end.

Another view looking south.
“The Small White Dot In The Center #2” — Image by Author
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